System Description

The creation of novel settings for sensory experiences requires technologies and systems that surpass the standards of digital cinema. The purpose is not to exchange single components but rather to establish a chain of rendering technologies that reach from production to presentation and to integrate this chain into a network of content providers, producers and users of the respective scope. 
 The showroom called TiME Lab provides technologies and systems for immersive video projection and is located at the Fraunhofer Institute HHI. The technologies presented in the lab allow a special sound as well as a functioning user interaction. For this purpose, the rendition space provides a cylindrical projection screen with 180-degree curvature and a 3D multi-projection that is realized through the usage of 14 HD projectors. The additional IOSONO wave field synthesizing system provides an acoustics that are as close to reality as possible. A closed alignment of 120 speakers arranged at ear level as well as 15 ceiling speakers and 4 subwoofers create these realistic sounds. The use of a special acoustically transparent woven material for the screen makes it in addition possible to extend the speaker arrangement to the space behind the screen of the TiME Lab. This creates an ideal acoustic arrangement while optimizing the optical multi-projection quality.

To produce ultra-high definition 2-D and 3-D video panoramas Fraunhofer HHI developed a 360° camera system called OmniCam. This mirror-based multi-camera system is in its fourth development stage and overcomes the boundaries that the production of panoramic videos faced until today. The OmniCam-360, enables not only the realization of exciting film projects but also meets the demands of a constantly growing market in the domain of virtual reality.
The TiME Lab merges the different possibilities to create novel immersive experiences – from panoramic productions to the projection of panoramic recordings up to object-oriented audio renditions.