Productions 2015

Deutsche Bahn „Infopunkt Lärmschutz“

Infopunkt Lärmschutz The Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB; German Rail) works on the projects ‘Focus on Noise Protection’ and ‘Infomobile Noise Protection’. In support of these DB projects, the HHI team made180° HD panoramic video recordings from moving trains of various makes (ICE, freight trains). Also the nature and level of the accompanying sounds were recorded realistically using 3-D multi-channel audio recording systems.

In these noise protection projects, the TiME Lab serves as acoustic reference location. By means of 180° HD panorama projections based on wave field synthesis, the HHI recording team was able to demonstrate the true effects of noise protection measures to larger groups.

It is the joint objective of the German Government and the German Railroad Administration to cut the noise from passing freight trains in halve until 2020. The joint project with the HHI provides data for noise protection plans.

OmniCam-360 at Mediaboard-Event

To celebrate four funded competing movies and a total of nine world premieres at the Berlinale, the Media Board followed the long tradition of inviting the German movie and media industry representatives to a reunion on the first Saturday of the festival. For a long time now, the Media Board is a partner of the TiME Lab. Associates of the HHI received permission to install the OmniCam-360 at the entrance door. The camera delivered amazing panoramic views of the occurrences on the red carpet. The Media Board Reception was one of two events to which the TiME Lab Team was invited during the 65thBerlinale.

Berliner Rundfunkchor at Neue Nationalgalerie

 The team of Christian Weißig (Head of the Group Capture and Display Systems at the Fraunhofer HHI) repeatedly worked with the Berlin Radio Choir. In the process, the team created breath-taking video and audio recordings. The performance location was the New National Gallery in Berlin. At the time, the gallery was already closed for renovations. The gallery will open again in 2020.

The special panoramic projections on the large screen with 180° curvature and the acoustic rendition using the wave field synthesizer synthesis make the playback in the TiME Lab a memorable auditory experience and a feast for the eyes.

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