Productions 2014

Berlin Philharmonic’s Concert Marking the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin

Mauerfallkonzert The Berlin Philharmonic were quick to dsicover the potentials of the OmniCam and the TiME Lab at the Fraunhofer HHI and started a collaboration in the year of 2009. In 2014, on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the now available OmniCam-360 recorded the concert at the Philharmonic. People in Berlin and in many other places celebrated the tumbling of the wall with moving and emotional commemorations.
The recording artists paid special attention to the audio recording, which had to be of the highest quality.
A collaboration with the Sennheiser and Neumann Company made it possible to achieve this quality. For the first time in the history of the Berlin Philharmonic, digital microphones were used. The recording team optimized the microphone system for the playback with various 3-D audio systems. An app based on a ‘pan-and-scan’ system assisted in the transmission of this video material. A beta version of this ultra HD app is already available.

FIFA World Cup™ final 2014, Rio de Janeiro

FIFA World Cup™ final 2014, Rio de Janeiro
 Three members of the Fraunhofer HHI were able to do recordings during the world soccer championship final in July 2014. They packed the OmniCam-360 and travelled to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The final took place in the Maracaña Stadium. They recorded the game in full length. Their exceptional panoramic recordings provide a completely novel viewing experience for soccer fans.
Such recordings have many uses. This makes the video material even more important.
Viewers may for example use the ultra HD zoom app (developed at the HHI) to navigate within panoramas and can use a second screen to view specific sections of the panorama. The ball field becomes a playground for viewers. New ways of broadcasting athletic events are easy to envision.

Full ID Management, exhibition trailer, Bundesdruckerei

Cockpit Boeing 777 During the 2014 computer expo CeBIt in Hannover,Germany, the mobile TiME Lab made its debut as showroom. Showroom user was the German Federal Printing Office in Berlin. As systems provider of the entire processing chain for the management of ‘Safe Identities’, the printing office used the entire technical range of the TiME Lab from the panorama production to the panoramic projection. Using these advanced TiME Lab technologies, the printing office demonstrated the prerequisites for running a modern, future-oriented airport. The panoramic recordings showed the operations of an airport. The team also used the OmniCam-360 in the cockpit of a Boeing 777 to show the 180° view from the cockpit. The team exploited all opportunities to demonstrate the educational advantages of using the mobile TiME Lab.

Mobile World Congress 2014

The Fraunhofer Institute for Broadcasting Technology developed a real-time stitching software. During the Mobile World Congress 2014 (03/02 – 03/05/2014), the Fraunhofer HHI presented the Real Time Stitching Engine for the first time. The software enables the real-time broadcasting of panoramas after they are created using the OmniCam-360. The transmitted panoramic views are parallax-free. The Real Time Stitching Engine is able to support various output formats. Therefore the stitching engine can be used in many systems for the processing of omnidirectional camera images.

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