This exciting short film presents the newest developments in the area of video panoramic production and projection. Since 2009, a team of researchers at Fraunhofer HHI led by Christian Weißig has been working on techniques to create and present video panoramic productions as realistic as possible. Come and find out about the results in the film!

The TiME Lab –Tomorrow's immersive Media Experience Lab – is part of Fraunhofer HHI. The lab facilitates, due to an optimally configured projection system and an object-based 3D sound system based on wave field synthesis, an immersive spatial and auditory sensory experience. With its curved projection screen, the 180-degree panoramic cinema further creates an overwhelming visual experience. Developed at the Fraunhofer HHI, the multi-camera system OmniCam-360 makes the creation of 360-degree panoramic videos possible. Thanks to the Real Time Stitching Engine, specially developed at Fraunhofer HHI, the videos produced by the Omni-Cam can be transferred in real time to tablets, smartphones, and VR glasses.

The short film produced together with InnoVisions not only exemplifies the technical components of the innovative developments of TiME Lab and OmniCam-360 but also illustrates the unique audio and visual experience. The 180° panorama documentary PLAYING THE SPACE, which celebrated its premiere in February 2015, serves as an example of this technology. Numerous additional productions, created at the Fraunhofer HHI in cooperation with high-quality partners from the arts, culture, and industry, demonstrate the potential of this video technology. The recordings of sporting events are just as exciting as the broadcasting possibilities of various concerts and events and underline the versatility of the systems!

About TiME Lab

Future Sensory Experiences in the Virtual World

Technical developments in the field of multimedia are of growing importance in the cinema industry. In this regard, multisensory presentations such as “Virtual Reality“ become increasingly interesting and future-oriented. Immersive media technologies also show great potential for research and development. In the joint project Time Lab, the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI explores this potential together with first-class partners from arts, culture, media, and design.

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI

The research of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI focuses on the development of modern communication networks and multimedia systems. The team of the Fraunhofer institute develops concepts for innovative information technologies and creates in collaboration with the industry applications for new products.

The core competencies of the Fraunhofer HHI are in the areas of photonic networks and systems, fiber optic sensor systems, and video coding and transmission. The research of the institute consistently orients itself towards these fields of expertise and offers attractive solutions for market and developmental demands of the present and the future.

One focus is the optical wireless communication, which enables high-speed short-range links, especially in environments with particular demands in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and security.

The Fraunhofer HHI focuses on 10 to 100 Gbit transmission in the field of high-performance telecom components. In the area of mobile broadband systems, the Fraunhofer HHI concentrates its developmental research on signal processing, wireless connections, and system optimizations. The Fraunhofer HHI’s development of fiber optic measuring systems enable new and innovative laser and sensor concepts. They play an important role in the optimization of energy efficiency and are a key factor for new and future-oriented markets. Main research projects are furthermore in the area of video- and audio-coding and transmission. The Fraunhofer HHI makes an important contribution to research – especially in the research fields of greater efficiency in compression methods, autostereoscopic 3D displays and the integration of real and virtual worlds for immersive multimedia applications.


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Christian Weißig

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Head of Marketing

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