Participating in live events can be an impressive media experience. With the available digital transmission technologies and projection systems, it becomes more and more possible that a large audience can experience live-events, promo tours, and artists even from a great distance. 
Usually, media events such as movies, concerts, operas, and athletic performances take place in cinemas, halls, stadiums, fairs, and public places. Whether one really has the sensation of being right there depends on several parameters. The high degree of immersion created in the TiME Lab provides the best conditions for an audience being immersed in recorded events. The panoramic images generated by the OmniCam enhance the viewing experience. Due to the small size and weight of OmniCam-360, the camera can record unique sound and images in the center of an event. The Fraunhofer HHI has already realized numerous projects together with partners from the creative and media industry.

  • Interactive live transmission of magnificent events/concerts via Second Screen Application or by using VR devices.
  • Videoconferences or video presentations for instance of educational content.
  • Applications for theme parks and multi-purpose halls to promote attractive offers and distinctive presentation services – supported by the mobile TiME Lab.
  • Audio-visual presentation opportunities for companies working in commerce, research, and the creative sector.
  • Offers of multi-user gaming and advanced gaming devices.
  • New advanced visualization possibilities to facilitate analytical and decision-making processes for security companies, defense, and the infrastructure management.
  • Add-on services for multipurpose venue operators (e.g. to bolster real estate values).

The productions and cooperations of the past years show the different possibilities the TiME Lab technology has to offer.