Panoramic Projection

Panoramaprojektion The 180-degree cinema named TiME Lab, located at the Fraunhofer HHI, is equipped with a multi-projection system. This system consists of 14 HD projectors reaching all areas of the curved screen. The core of the TiME Lab multi-projection system is the CineBox, which simultaneously provides the feeds for 14 projectors.

The necessary corrections of the CineBox processing system are for instance real-time geometrical image correction (warping), edge blending, and the individual correction for each pixel in operator-defined blending areas. The CineBox is the Linux-based play out server and the host system for CineCard. The CineCard is the hardware solution developed at the Fraunhofer HHI that provides all functions for the multi-projection. Two parallel processing paths for HD resolutions enable the CineCard to operate as input for two HD projectors. In the showroom of the TiME Lab, seven out of fourteen HD projectors are used for 2D renditions. For the more elaborate 3D renditions each of the 14 installed projectors are used.
A single CineBox is able to support seven CineCards and therefore up to fourteen HD output streams. If one demands for larger video Panoramas – hence more video streams – additional CineBoxes can be synchronized. Thus, this system allows realizing multiple-renditions of any desired size.